Saturday, September 13, 2014

My latest CD purchases from today's garage sale

Yesterday I found out that this weekend is the annual Electric Fetus Garage Sale and Fall Festival. As a loyal customer of the Electric Fetus record store, I definitely made sure I would hall my ass down to the record store the next day. It didn't take me very long to find a bunch of CDs that I wanted to add to my record collection. I ended up spending $10.78 for nine CDs, not too shabby I say. Here are the items I bought:

Club Mix 99 - I couldn't resist and pick up this collection of super cheesy dance club hits from the '90s. Sometimes I feel motivated the most at work when I am listening to really cheesy pop music. I have to admit the songs brings back fond memories of my clubbing days in my early 20's.

Dido: Life For Rent - I love Dido's first two albums. I had to buy another copy to add to my music collection. Between No Angel and Life For Rent, Life For Rent is my personal favorite of the two albums. Too bad her music after those albums became boring as hell IMHO.

Austra: Olympia - Austra is a really excellent electro-pop band from Toronto. I scored big when I found their new album in the $1.50 section. Their new album Olympia is very good. They have such a distinctive sound it is pretty hard to compare them with any other band.

Gladiator soundtrack  - The best soundtrack that Lisa Gerrard has put out IMHO. I had to add this album back into my collection. I love Lisa Gerrard. She has such a beautiful voice.

Loreena Mckennitt: An Ancient Muse - I really can't go wrong with Loreena McKennitt. 

Eluveitie: Origins - I haven't listened to this album yet but I thought I would check it out. Only had to pay a $1 for the album. 

Elastica: Elastica - I have missed listening to this album. Haven't heard it in ages like in 15 years or so.

Lindsey Stirling: Lindsey Stirling  I have this album as a burned copy but I thought I would get an actual copy of the album. I really like her music a lot. I also recommend her latest album Shatter Me.

The Jezebels: Prisoner - I had heard this album a month or two ago when I borrowed the CD from the library. Absolutely loved what I had heard. When I saw this album at the sale today, I was ecstatic to see it so I bought it of course ;).

In This Moment: Blood - Been meaning to buy this album for awhile but never got around to buying it until today. Finding it for $1.50 made me a happy camper.

I should note that the garage sale at the Electric Fetus continues tomorrow. I definitely recommend going there. Sifting through all the boxes is so much fun. I think the purchases that I bought today were so worth the effort.

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