Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Some local tunes

This morning before work I heard some interesting tracks by some local artists so I thought I would share the songs with my readers.

If you haven't heard of Astronomique, you do now. They are one of my new favorite local bands in the Twin Cities. The band will be playing at the Kitty Cat Klub this Thursday night. Here is the Facebook event for the show. Depending how I feel after work, I might go to that show since I took Friday off from work.

One of my favorite local bands Wiping Out Thousands had broken up earlier this year, and out of the ashes is a new duo called Tired Tongues featuring Taylor Nelson from WOT. Checked out a sample of what the duo has to offer. I really like what I heard.

Tired Tongues will be doing a dj set at the KCK show that Astronomique will be performing this Thursday night. You can also read more about Tired Tongues on City Pages.

Finally I came across this interview with Jourdan Myers, a local singer/songwriter. Her music isn't what I normally listen to but I liked what I had heard in this clip.

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