Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hocico with HARDWIRE and Infaux at Amsterdam Bar and Hall on 09.12.14

Another Kilted Farmer Koncerts has come and gone. This past Friday night veteran EBM band Hocico made their first return to the Twin Cities in 12 years to perform at Amsterdam Bar and Hall in downtown Saint Paul with Arizona band HARDWIRE. Opening for the two bands in Saint Paul was the Sioux Falls, SD band Infaux. Of the three bands, I am most familiar with Hocico. I am relatively new to their music. I just started listening to them two-three years ago after checking out Tiempos de Furia from the library (and ended up buying my own copy). Infaux was a nice fit for the bill that night with their brand of cyberpunk. Very noisy and aggressive is the best description for the duo's sound. The guys are very nice too. I got to meet them before the show. Long before the show, I listened to a few of HARDWIRE's songs and liked what I heard but hearing them live totally blew me out of the water. They totally killed it on stage. I think everyone in the audience were totally impressed by the band's performance. Hocico ended the night with a highly energetic set. They were so well worth the wait. The audience ate up their entire set. Unfortunately the band played so hard that that Racso Agroyam's laptop abruptly quit working during the first and second attempts at an encore. Thankfully this ended at the end of the night and not early in the beginning of their performance. I had a wonderful time that night. I bought a t-shirt and CD from the band. Of course I have taken lots of photos and recorded a bunch of video footage from the show. Enjoy!

goth_maven's Hocico with HARDWIRE and Infaux album on Photobucket

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