Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Album of the Week: Here and the Hereafter by Mirabilis

Last month I discovered on Facebook that the Texas neo-classical, goth band Mirabilis had a new album coming out in September called Here and the Hereafter. If you didn't know who Mirabilis is, the band consists of two women Dru Allen of This Ascension and Summer Bowman of the Machine in the Garden. Without a blinking, I pre-ordered a physical copy of the album via Projekt Records which according to them is only limited to a certain number (how many I don't know). As I am waiting for my copy of the album to come out later this month, I decided to listen to it on bandcamp. I am fairly familiar with the women's work through Myspace and Youtube but just never bought their music until recently (loved that I will be getting their other two albums with my copy of Here and the Hereafter). What I heard on the new album sure didn't disappoint me. The music reminds me of early Mediaeval Baebes but with only two women and nowhere as poppy sounding as the Baebes' music has become over the recent years. The music is enchanting to listen to between the lush melodies and the women's gorgeous vocals. If you love classical music with a hint of goth/darkwave, the new Mirabilis album Here and the Hereafter is worth listening to (and hopefully worth buying). I absolutely love the sounds of the harpsichord as well as hammered dulcimer. It is so refreshing to listen to instruments that have an organic sound to them or don't overwhelm the women's vocals. I chose Here and the Hereafter as my Album of the Week because I know I will be listening to it every day at least twice a day. I hope my readers will listen to the album. I think it is good to give your ears a break from all the stompy EBM ;).

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