Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lizzo and Caroline Smith at First Avenue on 09.27.2014

Last night I attended the sold out show featuring Lizzo and Caroline Smith at First Avenue. I have been looking forward all summer to seeing this show. Last month the two women released a single they collaborated on called "Let 'Em Say" with all proceeds going to the Women's Foundation of Minnesota.

Recently they put out a fun little video for the song.

Saturday night's show was sold out (which led to a second show on Friday night). I think it really is testament to the growing popularity of Houston born, now Minnesota-based artist Lizzo. Like Friday night, the show last night kicked off with an hour-long dj set from two members of Grrrl Prty Shannon Blowtorch and Sophia Eris under the name TAWST. That was a fun set even if I wasn't familiar with a lot of the songs the duo played.

After TAWST's set was Caroline Smith and Lizzo. They kicked off their set with their bouncy and infectious collaboration "Let 'Em Say". The energy the two women gave off quickly set the tone for the night. Both women performed together as well as solo (with Lizzo, her fellow GRRRL PRTY member Sophia Eris joined her on stage). Prior to last night's show, I was only familiar with Caroline Smith in name only. Lizzo on the other hand I am very familiar with. I started listening to her after getting into GRRRL PRTY this past summer when I finally saw them back in July at the Bastille Day Block Party and later Pizza Luce Block Party. I am not going to pretend and say that I went bananas over Caroline's music. I'll be honest modern r and b music really doesn't do much for me however I thought she really put in a highly entertaining set (with and without Lizzo). I appreciate that she doesn't take herself too seriously (like Lizzo) in her lyrics. I also appreciate the fact that she likes to make her live performances as personal and engaging with her audiences. Lizzo as expected did not disappoint me one bit. She has so much energy as a rapper and performer. Since the Pizza Luce Block party back in August and I had an inkling that I would be seeing members of GRRRL PRTY at last night's show and I was totally right about it. I was thrilled when the women came on stage to join Lizzo for "Top Floor" (I think). Another highlight from the show is when Lizzo had to apologize to her mother who was in the audience prior to singing (with Caroline and her GRRRL PRTY crew) a song that involved some obscenities in it which just cracked me up. I also loved it towards the end of the evening when a bunch of women got on stage with Caroline and Lizzo in their underwear for a song. If you haven't seen pics from last night's show on my Twitter/Facebook pages, you can find them on this slide show I made just for GRRRL PRTY and anything related to the members of the group.
goth_maven's All things Grrrl Prty and its members album on Photobucket

Last night's concert will easily go down as one of my favorite concerts of 2014. If you haven't seen Lizzo, Caroline Smith, or GRRRL PRTY, I do recommend that you do whenever the opportunity arises. I am particularly a big fan of GRRRL PRTY which is a shocker for this normally non-hip hop fan. Definitely recommend checking out their free EP GRRRL PRTY TONIGHT.

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