Thursday, September 11, 2014

Albums I Am Currently Listening to

Warpaint: Warpaint

I recently picked up Warpaint's second album from the library last weekend. I decided to give the album another shot. I first listened to the album earlier this year and wasn't too impressed. I finally got around to listening to the album again today at work. I must say the album certainly sounded better the second time around. I think I just needed to listen to it more than once. While I still prefer the band's first full length album The Fool, their self-titled album has grown on me considerably. It is definitely more experimental and often veers into the type of music that Duluth band Low is notorious for making.

Roseanne Cash: The Essentials

I almost forgot how much I like Roseanne Cash's music (Johnny's famous daughter who is a singer/songwriter). I was a fan of her music when I was in high school. Roseanne's music is more in the singer/songwriter vein than country. There certainly is elements of country music in her music and certainly more than what passes off for "country music" nowadays. I really like the material from her album The Wheel the best. I really should try to find that album either in stores or online. After hearing "The Wheel" and "Seventh Avenue" from that album, I find myself wishing I didn't sell my cassette copy of that album years ago.

Sade: Ultimate Collection

If pop artists sounded more like Sade and less like Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea, I would listen to pop music more often but alas they don't. I absolutely love this woman. She could sing the phone book and I would still listen to her sing it.

Dar Williams: Many Great Companions/The Best of Dar Williams

Dar Williams is another favorite singer/songwriter of mine. The first disc is a stripped down collection of Dar's music featuring some of her famous friends ranging from Gary Louris of The Jayhawks to Mary Chapin Carpenter. The second disc is a best of collection. I haven't listened to her music in years until I had picked up this album from the library and her music still resonates with me as it did when I first heard her music over ten years ago.

Kobra and the Lotus: High Priestess

I discovered Kobra and The Lotus last year via Facebook and really liked their brand of progressive metal on their self-titled debut album. Today I picked up their new album High Priestess from the library. I definitely was not disappointed in what I heard on the album.

Cyndi Lauper: She's So Unusual: a 30th Anniversary

One can not do wrong with some Cyndi Lauper. At least with me I can't. Loved her music as a child, still love her music as an adult.

Johnny Cash: Out Among the Stars

Not my favorite Johnny Cash release but I still like this posthumous release that had been hidden for years but was discovered by his son in 2012. The music definitely makes me miss the man in black and shows that there will never be another artist like Johnny Cash. Johnny was truly a one of a kind artist regardless of musical genres.

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