Monday, September 8, 2014

5 Fall Releases I Am Looking Forward to

01, Youth Code: An Overture
Youth Code presents a limited CD collection, compromising their brand new EP A Place To Stand, along with their 2013 debut album, as well as the breakout single EP tracks from the Angry Love 7". 16 tracks in total, comes in a thick cardstock matte digipack. I have been listening to their debut album online and really enjoying their sound which sounds quite refreshing in a scene that is kinda getting stagnant and complacent with the music.

02. Hanzel und Gretyl: Black Forest Metal
I admit it, I wasn't crazy about Born to Be Heiled. It was a major letdown for this HuG fan. Despite my dislike for that album, I have to be optimistic about the next album. One never knows what one can get with every album by his or her favorite bands. I have been a fan of HuG for over  a decade now, I am not giving up on them now.

03. The Birthday Massacre: Superstition
It's The Birthday Massacre. What else can I say? ;)

04. Empyrean Asunder: You Are My Punishment [maxi-single]
Being an obsessive hoarder when it comes to owning music via compact discs, I had to pre-order one of the 25 copies of the upcoming single from my favorite band of 2014 Empyrean Asunder. If you haven't heard of Empyrean Asunder, I strongly recommend checking out their music on their bandcamp page. They are simply awesome in my book. I wouldn't be pushing them so much on my blog and Twitter/FB pages if I didn't think they were something special.

05. Japanese Electro Punk Brutality
After getting into the Japanese cyberpunk band Baal and the Japanese aggrotech band 2 Bullet, I am really starting to appreciate the darker music scene from Japan. I am definitely curious to hear this compilation that was put together by Cevin Key of Skinny Puppy. 

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