Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Album of the Week: Hungry For Stink by L7

This afternoon after I got home from work and scarfed down some Taco John's (I was famished after work), I went out for a walk especially with the weather being so freaking nice outside. For music, I put on the 1994 album Hungry For Stink by L7.

L7 was a huge musical influence on me in high school. I discovered them in an issue of Rolling Stone magazine, the one with Nirvana on the cover and I think Kurt Cobain had a shirt that said sell-out on it. The band also influenced me regarding my reproductive rights as a young woman at the time with Rock For Choice. Because of L7, I became the feminist that I am today. Bricks Are Heavy was my first L7  album I bought and the first album that had a parental advisory warning sticker on it too. LOL! Played that album to death because I loved the music on it so much.

After Bricks Are Heavy, the band had a huge task of creating a follow up album that was as memorable as their major label debut.  I won't lie, Hungry For Stink wasn't as impressive as Bricks Are Heavy but it was still a very good album when it was released over 20 years ago. Listening to the album today on my afternoon walk, I relieved the same emotions I felt when I first started listening to L7's music as a teenager which ranged from angst. The album still can't come close to its predecessor but it sure still has some really kick ass tracks like "Andres", "Can I Run", "The Bomb", and "Stuck Here Again" which are all pretty much anthems for the one hellish year I spent in Iowa for my first year in college. After 23 years, Hungry For Stink still holds up well in this day and age of manufactured, overproduced pop and trap music which will eventually vanish like the Dodo bird.

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