Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Current Favorite Songs

I got an interesting mix this week. I have a few songs from the past. One of those songs is "Big" by one of my favorite bands from the '90s QKumba Zoo. They are an electropop group from Africa that had hit in the '90s with "The Child (Inside)". That song was on so many dance compilations from that decade. I would have put on  the beautiful ballad "Weeping" instead but that song is not available for streaming for some odd reason. Oh well, I still love "The Child (Inside)".  Such a great pop song. That said I chose my other favorite song "Big" from QKumba Zoo. I just love the sunny lyrics and energetic beats.

Another song I had not heard in ages is "They" by Jem. It is a nice mix of pop and trip hop. Easily my favorite song by Jem who I guess her career has faded away.  Her second album was a hit or miss. I liked it but I knew a couple of people who didn't have a high opinion.

Another band I have been listening to lately is Claire Voyant. I have been listening to their album Lustre all week. I definitely have forgotten how good this album is. I would love to see the band come back and make at least one more album but if not I will always have their other albums to listen to.

I also have been enjoying Imogen Heap and her old band Frou Frou's music. I have a song from her as a solo work as a song from Frou Frou. I really haven't listened to Frou Frou's music in ages. Imogen has such a distinctive voice. You really can't compare her to anyone else in the music industry.

The new Clan of Xymox album Days of Black is starting to grow on me. While I prefer their earlier material, Days of Black does have its charm. One of the tracks I am particularly fond of is "I Couldn't Save You" featured on this week's playlist.

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