Saturday, April 1, 2017

Albums and Playlists I Am Currently Listening to



Once again I had the urge to pull out a couple of albums I hadn't listened to for what seems like an eternity. First is Haberdashery's 2011 album Tonight the Angels, a fantastic and underrated synthpop album. I remember being friended by Haberdashery on Myspace (remember that site?! LOL) and liking what I had heard. I think the project started off as an Erasure cover project. Anyway, I completely forgot  how good Tonight the Angels is. I can definitely hear a lot of Erasure influences in the music. I certainly will be playing this album more often. If you like Erasure, I can certainly recommend checking out Haberdashery.

Another album I hadn't listen to in ages is The Night Watch EP by The Bellwether Syndicate.  I pulled it out of my cd racks earlier last week and have been listening to it every day. I am excited that their hiatus is over and they are back at work on new music.

I have only listened to the new SITD album a couple of times but I am very much enjoying their new album which is what I can't say about the new Goldfrapp album Silver Eye. I am honestly disappointed in the new Goldfrapp album. Save for a couple of songs, Silver Eye is easily a very week album. Black Cherry and Supernature are far better dance albums than Silver Eye IMHO. For me, the writing and vocals are the weakest I have ever heard from Alison Goldfrapp. I am not sure which album I am less crazy about Depeche Mode's Spirit or the new Goldfrapp album.

The new Mr.Kitty album A.I is pretty rock solid from what I have heard. Hadn't had the time to really listen to the album this past week. Now that the damn end of the month BS at work is over, I am going to listen to it more often so I can give more of my thoughts on the music on my blog but from what I have heard, I like it.

Melanfonie by Emika is one of those albums that isn't best suited to listen to at work. It isn't the most accessible album I have heard in recent months but I am enjoying this classical project by Emika. I like to chill out to it after work.

It has been a couple of weeks and I have yet to get sick and tired of listening to Borders by NamNamBulu. Do not be surprised to see this album at the top of my end of the year list. The music is so damn catchy and I absolutely adore Henrik's vocals.

This past week was the usual end of the month crunch at the office so as far as playlists was concerned, I only listened to a few to motivate my ass. The only playlists that kept me focused and energized at my job were my Goldfrapp, Autumn, Blutengel, Current Favorite Songs playlists. 

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