Sunday, April 2, 2017

Weekly Office Playlist



I took tomorrow off because of the light work load and wasn't sure I could stay busy all day. Over the weekend I bought a ticket to the upcoming The Birthday Massacre show at The Cabooze so this week I will be on a TBM kick. If I can remember, I definitely need to listen to the latest albums by Project Pitchfork and Heimataerde. I am going to try to give the new Goldfrapp album another shot. After all they are one of my favorite electronic acts. I think I heard some of it today when I was at Cheapo Discs. Speaking of Cheapo, I found a copy of Tamaryn's Cranekiss unwrapped for $0.95. I saw Tamaryn last year as Lush's opening act. I completely forgot to buy her album when I was at the show. It is a fantastic album. I definitely recommend checking it out. Oh and I finally bought the Siouxsie Sioux poster I have been eyeing for some time. 

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