Saturday, April 29, 2017

Albums and Playlists I Am Currently Listening to

First Listen:Various Artists - Cover Stories


I didn't listen to a whole lot of albums this week. Of course I was in Chicago last weekend and didn't get home until late Monday night. What music I did listen to during my trip was my playlists. While on the train heading home, I found myself listening to a lot of my Mary Chapin Carpenter and Singer/Songwriters playlists. Those playlists made for some great traveling music. I also listened to a lot of my Random Mix too. I'm generally not into country music but I do love me some Mary Chapin Carpenter. I take great comfort in listening to her music whenever I am down or in a foul mood. She really knows how to hit the right notes with me.

At work I have been listening a lot to my Random Mix Playlist. It is just a bunch of my favorite songs that are just ingrained in my head and can't stop listening to. I like the randomness of this playlist. It has everything to satisfy my taste in music. Obviously the band Autumn dominates the playlist with a few songs on the mix. I also have a few Social Distortion songs too, and a couple of songs from both Blutengel and White Lies. Right now my favorite songs are "Little Victories" by Darden Smith and "Mockingbird" by Allison Moorer. I have always loved the song "Little Victories" since high school/college. "Mockingbird" has such bluesy feel to the song. I love Allison's vocals and lyrics on this track. It is almost heartbreaking.

As much as I enjoy listening to my Autumn playlist, from time to time I do have to listen to their albums The Hating Tree and Return to the Breath separately. Both albums are great. I am eagerly anticipating their third album which the band has been working on for some time now so I have been playing the band's first two albums practically every damn day of the week. LOL! . Between the two albums though, The Hating Tree is my personal favorite. I particularly love listening to Julie's vocals on this album. At times, her vocals are confrontational and aggressive especially on the opening track "How It Came To Be This Way" and "Desert Winds of Jezebel".

Today I made a trip to The Electric Fetus. I didn't realize The Raveonettes had a new album out so I grabbed that as well as a ticket for  KMFDM in October. I like what I have heard but I need to listen to the album a few more times before I give my final thoughts. I will say that the album is nothing like Chain Gang of Love which is my favorite album by the band. Their sound is definitely less rock and more electronic. I still need and want to see the band live one day.

I recently got the latest albums by Banks from the library. What a boring album. This is why I can never get into modern r and b nowadays. So dreadfully dull and bland. Just UGH! 

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