Wednesday, September 4, 2013

10 fall releases that I want

I am so happy that September is finally here. Why? Because there are some awesome new music coming out in the coming weeks/months. Here are the ten releases that I know about that are coming out that I definitely plan on buying.

01, Blume - Autumn Ruin
If you haven't already heard snippets of the new album, here it is again.

02. Solitary Experiments - Phenomena,

03. VNV Nation - Transnational

04. Ego Likeness - Order of the Reptile

05. Ego Likeness - Water to the Dead

06, Parralox - Recovery

07. Noir - Darkly Near

08. System Syn - No Sky to Fall

09. Covenant - Leaving Babylon

10. Ludovico Technique - We Came to Wreck Everything

So far these are the fall releases that I really want to get. Still waiting news on the upcoming Unter Null and For All the Emptiness albums. I am also hoping that Neuroticfish will release a new album this year. Anyhoo...I certainly plan on posting any other fall releases that I don't know of here and via Twitter/FB. At least for the moment I am thrilled that Blume has a new album coming out four years after their first album which is a classic for me. I'll have to order it come pay day this week. 

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