Friday, September 13, 2013

Blume - Autumn Ruins

After a three-four year wait, my favorite synthpop band Blume finally releases a follow up to A Rise From Grey called Autumn Ruins. The four year wait was definitely worth every damn second. A good friend of mine introduced me to the band back in 2009/2010. I was immediately hooked after hearing A Rise From Grey (one of my most heavily played albums ever). Vocalist Enrico Filisetti has one of the best voices ever. He reminds me of a young Dave Gahan. To me Enrico could sing the phone book and I would still love listening to him sing.

As much as I love Blume's first album, I was ready for some new music. Autumn Ruins did not disappoint me. While the band's brand of ridiculously catchy synthpop remains the same, I have noticed some slight changes in their sound. The album begins with an ambient-sounding instrumental. I like that the band decided to begin the album with this obtuse track that was totally unexpected from this diehard fan. Another change I have noticed on the album is that the band actually picked up the beat on a few tracks such as "The Chosen", the instrumental "Arclight" which I totally dug with its crisp synthesized beats, and "It's Your Turn".

I loved that the band picked up the pace on this album. I love their ballads but it is great to hear them go in another direction. The entire album is just loaded with catchy pop hooks from start to finish. The album ends with what I consider to be the prettiest acoustic ballad I have ever heard called "For My Lorraine". The lyrics are so deeply personal and moving, fuse it with Enrico's deep,rich vocals and you got a beautiful ballad. Autumn Ruins is definitely a top contender for best album of 2013. I cannot stop listening to it. I highly recommend checking out Blume and their music, especially Autumn Ruins.

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