Sunday, September 1, 2013

Combichrist with The Azoic, F.T.C, and DJ SLT

In case you aren't on Twitter or FB, I have posted links of photos and videos that I took from last night's Combichrist (old school) show with The Azoic, F.T.C and DJ SLT. You can also find some more pics on my instagram account. Local band F.T.C opened up the show with a short yet excellent set of industrial music. If you haven't heard of F.T.C, you should go to their reverb nation page and listen to their music. Good stuff. DJ SLT dj'ed in between the bands and as always, he provided great dancing music for the crowd at Ground Zero. After a few attempts, Kilted Farmers Koncerts finally got the Ohio band The Azoic to make their first trip to the Twin Cities. The audience was quite appreciative that this was the band's first live performance in Minnesota and did not take their presence for granted. I know I didn't. After The Azoic's set, I made a dash over to the merchandise table. The merchandise girl Drea was very pleasant to chat while waiting to get Kristy's attention. When Kristy finally turned her attention to me, she was particularly sweet and gracious. I must say getting a pic of her with me was my highlight of the show that night.

I ended up buying an Azoic t-shirt and a copy of Corruption last night. I must say I absolutely love Corruption. I especially love the songs "Lost Souls" and "Search and Destroy". I was so happy to have been able to show my support for The Azoic by buying some of their merchandise.

Combichrist was excellent. While it wasn't the full band and just Z-Marr and Andy, the set they put in was killer. Well for most of the time I was there. By no fault of the band, I abruptly left the show after my mood turned sour from my concert experience during Combichrist's set. I won't go into details about it but I have on my personal FB page. I'll just leave it at that and say no more. I will say this I just loved hearing "Lying Sack of Shit" and "Blut Royale" live. I did get in some good shots of Andy while I was at the show.
I also have shot some video footage from the show. You can watch the videos on my updated youtube playlist.

I have made sure that the four videos that I shot last night would start in the beginning so people wouldn't have to go through the playlist to get to the videos.

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