Thursday, September 12, 2013

Top 10 Albums I have been listening to on Spotify 09.12.13

01. Take Cair Paramour Alternatives - this is a collection demos/remixes of tracks from the last Ashbury Heights album Take Cair Paramour. Pretty good and I really dig the track "Dark Clouds Gather Over Vanity Fair" but I'll take the original album over this collection.

02. Ancient World by Abney Park - I just listened to this album after work. Absolutely love it. I definitely plan on buying the album itself.

03. A Greater Good: 1998-2008 by Neuroticfish - One can not do any wrong with some synthpop from Neuroticfish. Until they put out a new album, will settle for this collection of their music.

04. Tales of Us by Goldfrapp - Before I picked up the duo's new album yesterday, I have been listening to their new album on Spotify. It is so good. I love the addition of the acoustic guitar in the music.  This album is definitely going to be my other personal favorite Goldfrapp album.

05. Malady by Noblesse Oblige - For me Noblesse Oblige is one of those groups that can do no wrong for me. Love this album. Definitely need to buy a copy for my CD collection.

06. The Mirror Pool by Lisa Gerrard - Lisa Gerrard could sing the phone book and I would still love hearing her sing.

07. Child of Glass by Blutengel - Been listening to some of Blutengel's older material. I have to admit I like their stuff from Demon Kiss and onward. Child of Glass is not bad but it isn't that great to be honest.

08. Peek A Boo by Marsheaux - ever since buying the latest Marsheaux album recently, I have been really enjoying their brand of minimalist synthpop. Since I love their version of When in Rome's "Promise", I had to check out the album that it can be found on Peek-A-Boo. I love their sound.

09. Defiance by Assemblage 23 - I used to own this album years ago but I sold it. I forgot why I got rid of it. Probably for cash. I definitely need to own this album again. I totally forgot how good this album is. Really love how the album closes with the song "Lullaby". Just a lovely way to end the album.

10. Greatest Shit by KMFDM - Had a hankering for some old KMFDM which is what I love. The new album isn't too bad actually but for me, the old material rocks my world more so.

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