Monday, September 2, 2013

Albums I am currently listening to

I have some training to do this week at work to learn a new program I will be using so I won't be listening to a lot of music this week hence no Monday's Playlist blog entry. There also won't be one next Sunday either because I will be out of town. My blog and Twitter/FB pages will be quiet. In the meantime, here is some of the music I have been listening to and/or really enjoying.

The Azoic: Corruption

I picked up Corruption on Saturday night at the Combichrist show I attended. I have been listening to the EP non-stop. Absolutely love the songs and remixes.

Butcher Babies: Goliath

I came across this band via Twitter when one of the singers (Heidi) started following my Twitter account. I decided to check out her band's music and surprisingly I liked what I heard since I really don't listen to a lot of metal. The music is very aggressive and their image quite shocking (that is if you can't handle gorgeous half-naked women). I definitely need my own copy of Goliath, the copy I have now is from my library. Certainly one of my favorite metal releases of 2013.

Jaya Lakshmi: Kirtronica

I have been a fan of Jaya Lakshmi's music for sometime now. Her new album did not disappoint me.

Sirenia: Perils of the Deep Blue

I think this is one of those albums where I need to listen to a few more times before making a final judgement call. At the moment, I am not impressed with this album. Sounds pretty generic gothic metal IMHO.


While I prefer old KMFDM, I must admit I do like their latest effort KUNST. Better than their previous albums in recent years.

Dawn of Ashes: Genocide Chapters

In preparation for the upcoming Psyclon Nine/Dawns of Ashes show later this month, I checked out DOA's Genocide Chapters from my library to get a taste of what to expect from the band. While I am not wild about, I am still looking forward to seeing the band live. From what I have seen on numerous social networking sites, it looks like DOA puts on one helluva show.  

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