Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bands that I miss

Yesterday I decided to join Spotify and have since then been streaming music when I am at home. Tonight I recently made a playlist of my favorite modern rock songs. Some of the bands listed got me thinking about how much I miss some of them hence tonight's blog.


I was first introduced to Lush when I was a teenager. Spooky was my first Lush album that I bought as a teenager. I had heard their music on local alternative rock station and really liked what I heard. It goes without saying that I was devastated when the band's drummer took his life in the '90s and that was the end of the band.


Curve is definitely one of those bands that I really wish that a time machine existed so I could see the band perform live.


Belly is one of those bands that I think got totally written off way too soon but then again their second album wasn't all that hot. Still I think they were much better as a whole than just being known as a one hit wonder (for "Feed the Tree").


With all the oversexualized female pop stars running amok in music nowadays, the industry so needs a band like L7 to kick their asses from here to China. Miley Cyrus has nothing on the tampon incident in which Donita Sparks tossed out a used tampon into an audience at some music festival. LOL!

Babes in Toyland

Long before Hole, there was Babes in Toyland and 100x better than Hole and that train wreck otherwise known as Courtney Love. This and L7 were two of my favorite alternative rock bands in the '90s. Lori Barbero was and still is my favorite drummer. There was something raw and primal in her drumming skills that I rarely hear in a lot of drummers nowadays.

The Sundays

Cocteau Twins

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