Thursday, September 5, 2013

Albums I have been listening to on Spotify

I have to admit ever since I signed up with Spotify, I have been streaming a lot of music every second I get.

The Civil Wars: The Civil Wars

So far I am liking what I am hearing on this album. Sure this is not the kind of music I listen to on a daily basis but I like the duo's brand of country/folk music. I will though say Barton Hollow is better. The songs on the new album just aren't as melodic as the songs on their first album. Too bad they can't get their shit together. I would love to see them live but I guess pigs will fly when that happens.

Kirlian Camera: Eclipse

Love some Kirlian Camera. Really digging the re-release of their classic album Eclipse. Definitely will have to buy an actual copy of the album.

Stellamara: The Seven Valleys

This artist showed up on my discovery section of Spotify because I had listened to a Niyaz album. Wow. I was impressed with what I had heard. Definitely reminds me of Azam Ali.

Syrian: Death of a Sun

Really, really, really digging the new Syrian album. This is definitely one of my favorite synthpop albums of 2013. Definitely will need to buy the actual CD to add to my music collection.

Azam Ali: Lamentation of Swans: A Journey Towards Silence

Azam Ali can really do no wrong with me. Another terrific album by one of my favorite artists.

Mesh: Automation Baby

I have to admit that I really like the latest album by Mesh. I wasn't so impressed with their previous studio album but this I totally dig.

Namnambulu: Distances

Excellent synthpop. Love these guys. I am so glad they have reunited and are in the process of making new music.

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