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Hellions of Hollywood Minneapolis show 09.19.13

I was going to write a review of the Minneapolis show of Hellions of Hollywood on last night but no thanks to Photobucket, I had to push it back to today. Oh well. Better now than never. Oh I decided to go back to using Photobucket for my concert pictures. I could never get my pics to show up on my blog nor does it have a slide show option through image shack. You can see some of the photos on my Instagram account too.

Hellions of Hollywood Minneapolis Show

goth_maven's Hellions of Hollywood Minneapolis show album on Photobucket
The Hellions of Hollywood show was a collaboration production between Kilted Farmer Koncerts and DarkSide MN. Psyclon Nine and Dawn of Ashes are touring the US together as part of the Hellions of Hollywood. Opening bands for the show were two local bands As/Of and Promidal. I could not have asked for a better line up for the show. For me As/Of just keeps getting better every time I have seen them live. The first time I have seen them live was 2010 as an opening act for Loudness. I liked what I heard. Odd mix but it was too late for them to get on the FLA bill at the time. I think as time gone on, the band's sound has really gotten tighter and they have recently added a second keyboardist Sarah France Bateman. Of course I love seeing what Tony Logan is wearing for the night. His outfits are a hoot. I had a great time watching the band that night.

The second opening band was Promidal, my current favorite local band. This band is a real blast to watch. They really put a lot of time and energy into their live set. I have never had so much fun seeing a live band perform as much as I do with Promidal. Not only do I love their brand of aggrotech but I love the gory visuals of their live shows. Promidal did not disappoint me that night. I am always sad when their set ends which I don't say a lot here on my blog.

Dawn of Ashes followed suit. I admit I am not familiar with the band only by a few clips on youtube (and to be honest I prefer their older material prior to them going metal). I have to admit they put on a kick ass live show. I was so glad I had my earplugs with me. That was one of the loudest shows I have ever heard. I think it was their soundcheck (or maybe it was Psyclon Nine's soundcheck) I heard outside of Ground Zero that was a telltale sign of what to expect from the earbleeding and highly energetic concert. I'll be frank. Definitely a fun band to see live.

Psyclon Nine closed the night with a highly energetic set. The crowd really went ape shit, moreso than over Dawn of Ashes. The moshing was quite something else. I ended up moving all over the club until I decided to go over to the right hand side of the stage and stand on the bench which was the perfect view for me and I was able to take pics without getting slammed into the floor and having my cameras/phone broken into pieces. Personally I am quite picky about the harsher EBM (my faves being Unter Null, Suicide Commando, and Psyborg Corp) but I have to hand it to Psyclon Nine to getting the audience in my city to move their butts. I rarely see that at the shows I attend (except maybe at the most recent Combichrist show and July's Leaether Strip show).

I have put my recent concert footage from the Hellions of Hollywood show at the top of my playlist of Concert footage that I shot. It isn't much but it is some. I am so happy that I finally got some video footage of Promidal's set. Overall the Hellions of Hollywood show was a fantastic show. Always good to see my friends on stage as well as in the audience.

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