Saturday, November 9, 2013

5 Local artists/ bands to look out for

Last night I went out to Club Underground to see some local industrial acts. I had a blast. It got me thinking that I need to write about some local bands that I think people should keep an eye out for in the coming years.

01. Hydrah - while her music is not industrial or synthpop, I think her music is fantastic. I saw Hydrah earlier this year at 7th Street Entry. Little did I know that would trigger my venture back into mainstream dance music.

02. Dance Assault - I saw Carson Befus (aka Dance Assault) for the first time at Cause last month with Geodesique and Dichotomy. Another great local EDM artist to keep one's eye out for in the coming years.

03. Absynthe of Faith - Absynthe of Faith is a new band that I have seen perform live 3 times in the past few months. After seeing them live last night, I think the band is starting to find its groove. I wasn't really sure what to think of them the first time I saw them however I decided to chalk it up to the fact that they were a new band and needs to work out whatever kinks they had and to grow with every performance. Last night's show has really demonstrated that Absynthe of Faith is a band to watch out for in the local goth/industrial scene.

04. Promidal - easily my favorite [local]industrial band. If you like early Skinny Puppy and Suicide Commando, you will totally dig Promidal. Their live shows is fucking awesome. Very visual to say the very least. Their newt show is on November 27 at Club Underground.

05. Glean - I admit it, I am little biased by mentioning my good friend Brooke's band Glean in my blog entry ;). I do think what I have heard on their reverbnation page their music is very good. They should be putting out an EP sometime next month. No confirmed date but I definitely will post it when I find out about it.

I have totally forgot to mention F.T.C earlier this afternoon. I should note that due to personal conflicts in his life Jesse had to put F.T.C on a temporary hold. Nevertheless, once he gets back into music I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out on F.T.C. 

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