Sunday, November 24, 2013

Office Playlist of the Week

Yep, it's another fun-filled week at the office. Meh! Better to be employed than unemployed for sure. Here is some of the music I plan on listening to this week along with the music I got from the Ego Likeness show last weekend.

Tarja: Colours in the Dark

MergingMoon: Kamikakushi

Finally got the MergingMoon in the mail this past Friday. I absolutely love it. Definitely worth every single penny I shelled out for it. I think this is my favorite metal album of 2013, and definitely one of my favorite releases from this year in general. This band so needs to get signed ASAP!!!!

The Frozen Autumn: Chirality

Curve: Way of Curve

David Bowie: The Next Day

Suicide Commando: When Evil Speaks [Deluxe Edition]

In Strict Confidence: Utopia

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack

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