Thursday, November 28, 2013


Last night I went to Club Underground to see some local live music. The show was put on by DSMN (DarkSide Minnesota) by my good friend Tracey Setterlund of Promidal/Static Image. The evening began with two local IDM acts LiesFromtheWolf and BetaEight. BTW...BetaEight is Daniel Bateman (of Promidal and OBCT fame). Both artists put on some interesting sets. Then about 10:45-11, Thought Thieves hit the stage. It had been awhile for me since I had last saw them. It was good seeing them live as always. Then around 11:30, Promidal hit the stage. I swear to god that band just keeps getting better and better with every live show I have seen them. Granted their set last night was tamer than their previous shows I had attended (probably due to the venue size and/or maybe rules) but that's okay. What really stood out for me was just how good they keep sounding live. These aren't the best pictures that I have ever taken but it is something to look at in case you couldn't make it to the show.
goth_maven's Terror on Tiki Island album on Photobucket

I also did capture one song from the band last night.

I love this band. They truly deserve to be heard outside the Twin Cities, let alone the state. Their sound is on par with some of my favorite aggrotech bands like Suicide Commando, Hocico, and Unter Null.

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