Thursday, November 21, 2013

My favorite songs of 2013 [so far]

Tonight I decided to start putting together a playlist of my favorite songs from this year. Some of the songs are singles, and some are not. You can take a listen to what I have put together here.

01. "Runaway" - Noblesse Oblige
02. "If I Was" - VNV Nation
03. "Paradise (What About Us)" - Within Temptation featuring Tarja Turunen
04. "Annabel" - Goldfrapp
05. "Eye In The Sky" - Parralox
06. "Nuvole" - Syrian
07. "You Walk Away" - Blutengel
08. "Ghosts" - Front Line Assembly
09. "Life is Unfair (and Love is a Bitch)" - Junksista
10. "Voices of Devotion" - Alkemic Generator
11. "This Means War" - Sleepthief featuring Joanna Stevens

This playlist barely scratches the surface to all the great songs I have heard this year. 

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