Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Bellwether Syndicate with The Foreign Resort and UZZA

Well another concert has come and gone. Last night was the Chicago band The Bellwether Syndicate with the Danish band The Foreign Resort and local band UZZA. While the numbers at Ground Zero didn't exactly match the numbers of this summer's old school Combichrist show (which would be putting it mildly), the show was nevertheless a lot of fun. If you didn't know The Bellwether Syndicate is the new project from Faith and the Muse's William Faith along with Sarah Rose, Philly Peroxide and Mike Skull rounding out the line up. And as if you didn't already need an introduction, The Foreign Resort is touring with the states with The Bellwether Syndicate. Local band UZZA started off the night with a compelling 30 minute set. Here are photos from last night's show. I have tweeted some live shots via instagram on my Twitter and FB pages.

goth_maven's TBS with The Foreign Resort and UZZA album on Photobucket

If that isn't enough here are videos that I recorded last night.

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