Monday, November 18, 2013

Ego Likeness with Servitor, Ficshe and Gabriel and The Apocalypse at Ground Zero

Last concert for 2013 from Kilted Farmers Koncert has come and gone. Unfortunately it went by way too quickly. Last night the band Ego Likeness performed at Ground Zero nightclub with Servitor, Ficshe, with two local opening acts Gabriel and the Apocalypse. You can find several pictures on my instagram account which I tweeted live last night. And here is my slide show of the show.
goth_maven's Ego Likeness with Servitor album on Photobucket
I also got some video footage of the show too.

It was a fun show last night. I had the opportunity to help out Courie Bishop of Ficshe to work at her merchandise table as a favor for a good friend of mine. I was more than to happy to do it. Ficshe is one of my favorite local acts. Her music is a mix of industrial and trip hop music. Really good stuff. As a reward, I was able to take home a copy of her CD which is very good. So if you see Ficshe's name mentioned online at an upcoming show, go see her. She is fantastic.

Servitor followed Ficshe. His set of tribal rhythms was awesome. A highly energetic entertaining show. One of these days I definitely will get around to buying his album.

Gabriel and the Apocalypse was next. They performed a couple of new tracks from their upcoming EP. Normally I like GATA but I really wasn't feeling their music, plus I was more stoked about Ego Likeness, who has become one of my personal favorite bands in recent years. I guess I wasn't feeling the new material that night. Still unlike one person who griped on FB about the opening acts sucking (except for Servitor...yeah, like KFK put that bill together in hopes of pleasing her :::eyes rolling:::). Unfortunately after GATA's set, I have noticed that their fans also left the club. I will say this about last night's show, the numbers were disappointing. I was hoping more people would show up but alas they did not and this show was an early show. Show ended about 11.

That said...EGO LIKENESS! That band totally tore the stage up. I was definitely impressed with the amount of energy the band put into their live set. As much as I love listening to Donna on CD, her recorded vocals don't really do her justice as opposed to her powerful vocals when she is performing live. I really liked how she made eye contact with audience members. I had the opportunity to chat with both Donna and Steve before and after the show. I must say they rank as two of my favorite musicians I have had the joy of meeting and chatting with in person.

Despite the disappointing numbers, I had a blast last night at Ground Zero. The long ass wait was so worth it as was the 15 minute walk home in the barely above freezing temperatures. If Ego Likeness comes to your town, I definitely recommend going to their show. They are good people and excellent musicians. 

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