Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some food for thought: some new discoveries from Japan

This past week I had discovered the Japanese cyberpunk band Baal. It all began when I went online to Metropolis Records and came across the band's upcoming 2014 release Shurado. My curiosity was quickly piqued and I quickly headed over to youtube. The first video I saw by Baal was this live performance for "The Hardliner".

I was completely awestruck by what I saw and heard. The more Baal clips I found on youtube, the more impressed I was with their sound. Being Asian-American female, I really love the fact that the band is Asian and that their lead singer is a woman and one hell of a singer too. I really love it when women are venturing more into the harsher style of singing in industrial music. Not that I don't like the cleaner vocals (which I adore),I find it immensely empowering when women are as aggressive singers as the guys are.

Tonight I decided to see if I could scrounge up some more goth/industrial bands from Japan (a country that rarely gets mentioned in our little music scene, usually Europe, North America, and Latin America gets most of the attention). I came across this old thread on Violent Playground on Japanese industrial bands. It didn't take me very long that got my undivided attention.

2 Bullet
2 Bullet bandcamp page



Unfortunately Schwarz Stein is no more but I thought I would still share their music.

Velvet Eden

You might wonder why I didn't mention Malice Mizer, GPKism, Blood, or Dir En Grey. To be honest, that would have been too obvious. I wanted to go for the really obscure bands. I was only able to find as much info on a few bands as possible, and unfortunate quite a few haven't updated their Facebook pages in a few years which makes me wonder if they are still together. Truth be told the purpose of tonight's blog really is to show that there is more to our little scene than what is coming out of North America, Europe, and latin America.

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