Friday, November 15, 2013

Jam of the Week: Nightwish's Storytime

I totally realized today that I hadn't posted my favorite song of the week. This week's Jam of the Week is Nightwish's "Storytime", the live version that will be featured on their upcoming Showtime, Storytime 2 CD/DVD/Blu-Ray set featuring the band's new singer Floor Jansen of ReVamp and formerly of After Forever.

I am totally digging Floor Jansen as the band's full time singer. She is what the band needed after the departure of Tarja. Anette was okay but her vocals just wasn't suited for the Tuomas' compositions. Still I did like her version of "Storytime" as well. It is such a catchy tune. I definitely plan on keeping an eye on Anette's solo career.

The more I have watched youtube clips of Floor performing with Nightwish, I have become more convinced she is the right singer for the band post-Tarja. I refuse to say who is/was better singer between Tarja and Floor. I believe Nightwish is in a new chapter of their career with Floor. I wish some of the Nightwish fans would stop being a bunch of whiny douchebags and get over the fact that Tarja is not in the band anymore. Just stop your bitching.

Anyways, I am excited about Showtime, Storytime. I pre-ordered the cd/dvd version with a t-shirt from the Nightwish store. I was so disappointed that the band didn't hit Minneapolis when they were touring for Imaginaerum so the live album/DVD will be the closest thing for me to having seen them with Floor.

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