Monday, December 2, 2013

Best of 2013: Animal by Berlin

Berlin: Animal

For tonight's blog entry and in my ongoing series up until January when I will post my list of best of 2013 list, I decided to focus on Berlin's new album Animal. It was back in October when I discovered that the band had a new album out while I was perusing the CD racks at The Electric Fetus. Being a huge Berlin fan, I decided to buy the album.

Much to my surprise , Animal sounds nothing like the band's work from the '80s. From what I have read online, Terri Nunn has been listening to a lot of modern dance music lately and it shows throughout Animal. I think she has also been listening to a lot of Lady Gaga because the opening riff "It's Nice to Meet You" shares that same vibe in the opening melodies to "Poker Face". Initially I was a bit thrown off by the band's venture into modern dance music but after some time the music grew on me. I really like the more uptempo tracks like "Animal" and "With the Lights On".  Of all the ballads, "It's the Way" is my personal favorite. I thought it had the strongest, most memorable pop hooks and lyrics. Another favorite track of mine is their cover of Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love". Berlin gives the classic rock song a modern dance treatment.

Terri Nunn sounds even better than ever on the new album IMHO. Rarely do singers from my youth still sounds amazing in the present moment but this is the case with Terri Nunn. Do I wish she kept some of her band's old sound? I admit I do. Animal isn't a flawless album. There are moments when I miss the new wave sound from the '80s. You can hear the album at the top of my blog with the Spotify link I had posted above the album cover.

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