Friday, December 20, 2013

Best of 2013: Showtime, Storytime by Nightwish

Nightwish: Showtime, Storytime

Live concert albums/DVDs usually don't appeal to me but I made the exception with the new Nightwish concert/DVD Showtime, Storytime because this was the only way I was able to see/hear the band's new singer Floor Jansen since the band didn't come to Minneapolis in 2012 on their American tour. After seeing the live clip of "Ghost Love Story" from last year in Buenos Aires, I knew the band made a really great choice of making Floor their full time singer. Then when I saw the clip of "Storytime" from the concert footage, hearing Floor made me super excited for Showtime, Storytime. Since getting the album earlier this month, I have been listening to the CDs from the box set constantly. Floor has clearly demonstrated she is more than capable as full time singer for Nightwish. I loved that the band pulled out "She is My Sin" out of the vaults and performed it at Wacken. I thought Floor totally nailed that song. I have to admit she almost made me forget about Tarja. While there are no new material featured on the live CDs, I still find myself enjoying hearing the music immensely especially hearing Floor sing.

On the DVD/Blu-Ray, the first disc is all concert footage with bonus footage of "I Want My Tears Back " from Helsinki and "Ghost Love Story" from Buenos Aires. On the second disc, there is a documentary of the band during their 2012 Imaginaerum tour. Due to personal/professional differences, the band's former lead singer requested to not be featured in the documentary. I thought that was really interesting and not having her featured in the film made it feel a bit empty to this viewer but I respect her wishes as did the band. There is also bonus footage on the second disc of a table hockey tournament and Christmas Song for a Lonely Documentarist.  Inside the box set is a gorgeous booklet of photos featuring the band members.

As disappointed as I am that I never got the opportunity to see Floor and Nightwish perform in 2012, Showtime, Storytime really made up for that loss. Easily one of my favorite releases of 2013.

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