Monday, December 23, 2013

Best of 2013: Kamikakushi by Merging Moon

Kamikakushi by MergingMoon

In case you have been living in a cave or under a rock, one of my favorite new discoveries in 2013 is the Japanese heavy metal band MergingMoon. I found out about them via Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown in season 2.

My jaw practically hit the floor when I heard clips of their music on tv. After the show, I went on youtube and listened to a few of their songs. I absolutely loved what I had heard. I thought it was totally kick ass to see such a tiny woman have such a ferocious voice. So it goes without saying, I found a copy of the band's latest album Kamikakushi and ordered it. I was not disappointed. The band's music isn't straight forward heavy metal. The band combines heavy metal with electronic music. I also like that the band's native roots also shines through in their music like on "When A Phantom Becomes a Fact". For an album that was self-released, the production value on the album is immaculate (to me at least). The vocals are not muddled down with poor production which can be a problem in the metal genre but this is not the case here. I love the aggressive sounds of the music yet it is melodic. For me, Kamikakushi is my favorite heavy metal album of 2013. It is so much fun to listen to either at work or when I am cleaning my apartment. Why this band doesn't have a record deal is beyond me.


  1. I heard the singer left the band shortly after. Sad. Cant confirm cause most sites for them are in Japanese.

  2. I just saw the news. I was able to go online and translate the news. It is a shame that Yu and Taku left the band but life must go on I suppose.