Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Best of 2013: Death of a Sun by Syrian

Syrian: Death of a Sun

2013 has been a very good year for this synthpop lover. One of my favorite synthpop releases this year is Death of a Sun by the Italian synthpop band Syrian. The album has everything I look for in a synthpop album; catchy melodies and crisp, dance-friendly dance beats. The music on Death of a Sun is a good balance of modern and retro synthpop without sounding dated or hokey. "In the End" is a perfect example of how the band straddles the fine line between modern and retro synthpop. I loved all the songs from track 1 to track 10. I am particularly fond of the ballad "Walk Into the Sun" and "Nuvole", two of the prettiest tracks on the album. My only issue with the album is that it is too short and is filled with four remixes of "Fire In Your Eyes" and a bonus track called "Midnight Run" to complete the album. Frankly the four remixes should have been cut. They weren't bad but they weren't necessary. I just find it disappointing when artists feel the need to add remixes to their albums because their album ends up being a half hour long however that is just my personal opinion. Regardless of the remixes, Death of a Sun is truly a memorable synthpop album from 2013. I think it is one of the group's best albums ever.

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