Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Best of 2013: Voyager by Sensuous Enemy

Voyager by Sensuous Enemy

Voyager is one of my most highly anticipated releases of 2013. Anyone who knows me personally knows how much I adore Sensuous Enemy. I have been a fan of the band since my Myspace days (under countless pseudonyms like Rubber Ducky and Hello Anyhoo...I was really excited when the band signed to Nilaihah Records earlier this year. Talk about a perfect fit for the label and band. If there was any band I thought whose music deserved to have a bigger (or better)distribution deal (in our scene), it is Sensuous Enemy.

After a lengthy wait (which is putting it mildly), the band recently released their second full-length album Voyager last month. I remember hearing a couple of songs from the album over the summer when the band made a rare trip to Minneapolis to perform at Ground Zero. I immediately gravitated to the song "Freedom From Religion" because: a) love the hooks and beats and b) the lyrics totally reflect how I feel about organized religion (which my disdain for is mostly based on its batshit crazy/fanatical followers). I love that one of my personal favorite SE songs "Intentions" was included on the new album but it is a different mix. The sound isn't too different from what I am used to from the band's Parity EP (which I totally recommend taking a listen to). Right from the get go, Voyager had my undivided attention with "Blue Energy" and kept me to the last track "Powering Down". The wait for this album was definitely well worth it.

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