Sunday, December 8, 2013

Best of 2013: White Me In/Black Me Out by Helalyn Flowers

White Me In/Black Me Out by Helalyn Flowers

Helalyn Flowers is one of my favorite bands from my Myspace days which was years ago. I always loved their fusion of industrial music with heavy metal. My only problem with their music is that their albums was always uneven. They had good songs but there was also a lot of filler tracks.  That is up until their latest full length album White Me In/Black Me Out which was released earlier this spring. I ordered a copy directly from the band's website. I opted for the 2 CD version which Naomi and Max personally autographed. It did not take very long for this album to become one of my favorite albums released this year. Every song on the album had strong pop hooks unlike some of their previous albums. This album is what I have been dying to hear from Helalyn Flowers to make which is an album where I can listen to the album from start to finish without skipping a single track. If you check out the two disc version, you can hear some really kick ass covers that HF does like 2 Unlimited's "No Limits" and The Ramones' "Pet Sematary". They have a lot of energy and just a lot of fun to listen to. I also dig their cover of PJ Harvey's "Rid of Me" (found on the first disc). And the remixes were pretty good although it did get to be quite a chore to hear the same song  again and again just  remixed differently but as everyone knows me, remixes are a hit or miss with me. Overall I got my money's worth and the album truly is one of the best releases of 2013.

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