Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Best of 2013: Autumn Ruins by Blume

Autumn Ruins by Blume

You know the old adage "good things comes to those who wait"? Well that is how I felt when Italian synthpop act Blume finally released their second album Autumn Ruins earlier this fall after a lengthy 3 years. After listening to Rise From Gray a gazillion times, Autumn Ruins was a definite breath of fresh air. Not that Rise From Gray is bad (love that album), but one can only listen to one particular album without getting sick of it without hearing new material. Thankfully the long wait was really worth it. Autumn Ruins picks up where Rise From Gray left off. Autumn Ruins ranks as one of the best synthpop releases of 2013 in my book. The music is irresistable from start to finish. Enrico Filisetti's vocals is so warm and comforting. Listening to him sing on the album is like putting on my favorite hoodie/flannel pajamas. He has such a deep, rich voice, I get the warm fuzzies whenever I listen to him croon. I am often reminded of Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan but with a slightly deeper voice. Enrico could sing the phone book and I would still find listening to him enjoyable. LOL! I really enjoyed the fact that the band picked up the pace on the album with more beat heavy tracks like "The Chosen" and the excellent instrumental "Arclight". My personal favorite track on the entire album is the gorgeous acoustic ballad "For My Lorraine". It is obvious to me how deeply personal this song whenever I listen to the song. The lyrics often brings tears to my eyes. That said, the entire album is excellent.

I really wish more people were familiar with Blume. The band really knows how to create a memorable pop hook. Their latest album is definitely one of my personal highlights of 2013. Definitely check out Autumn Ruins if you enjoy the sounds of Covenant, De/Vision, and Depeche Mode.

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