Sunday, December 29, 2013

Best of 2013: Arc of a Dream by Otto's Daughter

Otto's Daughter: Arc of a Dream

This is a latecomer to my long list of best of 2013 candidates. I have been an admirer of Otto's Daughter since MySpace back in the mid 2000's. Their music is blend of pop, metal, electronic, and disco music fronted by Jacqueline van Bierk. When I saw that they had a new album up for pre-order a couple of weeks ago, I decided now was the time to show my support and buy it. I am really glad that I did. The album is melodic yet aggressive. As I am listening to Arc of a Dream for heaven knows how many times I have listened to it, I can hear a bit of Shirley Manson in her voice minus the Scottish accent. You can listen to some of the new album on the band's reverbnation page, also you can download it via CDBABY link that I posted at the top of the page. If you dig the sounds of Kidneythieves, I think you would dig Otto's Daughter.

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