Saturday, December 21, 2013

Best of 2013: Life by Mr.Kitty

Life by Mr.Kitty
Over the summer I was introduced to Mr.Kitty via Twitter from the indie label Engraved Ritual, namely the song "Heaven". I was immediately hooked on the catchy synthpop tune. My jaw practically  hit the floor when I first heard the song. After hearing a few more songs off Life, I knew I had to order an actual copy of the album from Engraved Ritual. As I suspected, Life is one of those rare gems in the music world that will quickly remind a music blogger like myself why he or she does what s/he does as a career/hobby.  I am new to Mr.Kitty's music so I don't have anything to compare the latest offering to his past work. What I have heard on Life is a good blend of post-punk, goth, and synthpop music. I definitely can hear the Depeche Mode influence like on "Holy Death", one of my personal favorite tracks on the album. I like how Forrest has one foot entrenched in the '80s and one foot in the present. The songs have a distinct retro new wave quality to them but without sounding outdated. Mr.Kitty is easily one of my new favorite discoveries of 2013 and his album Life one of the best albums released  this year. I am very pleased to see quite a few artists in the scene mention Life on their best of 2013 lists.

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