Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some food for thought: hating on the local music scene

Today on my afternoon break at work, I read on City Pages online about how Rock the Garden 2014 will be spread out into a two day event. Maybe this will allow non-members of The Current/MPR to gain access to the local event but that isn't what really got my undivided attention. what got my undivided attention is the hate that was being spewed towards the event. Here is some of the classic "gems" I found in the comment section:

"Fuck Rock the Garden"

"I already hate Loring Park in the summer. This adds to it."

"So even less cohesion? Yeah that's what this event needs."

"Tiresome hipsters."

"Fuck 'em. Pigs."

Pretty harsh. What the hell did RTG do to deserve the ire of a bunch of bored ass internet trolls? More importantly what have those people have done for the local music scene? $5 says absolutely nothing!

Okay I admit there is aspects of my local music scene that I am not particularly crazy about (like the fact that Minneapolis is primarily an indie-rock town and hipster paradise). Yes, I do often make fun of hipsters, yes I dislike a good part of the local music scene especially when they troll my FB and Twitter pages thinking I would do shit for them when I strictly focus on music that interests me like goth, industrial, synthpop, and occasionally metal, alternative rock, EDM, and whatever else floats my boat). But unlike the whiny little wankers on City Pages/Facebook who just sits behind their computer and bitch and moan away about the music scene, I actually go out of my way to find shows that might be of interest to attend or write about music that I enjoy listening to in hopes that people will feel the same way when they read my blog.

For me personally, it took me a few years after moving back to Minneapolis from Milwaukee, WI (over a decade ago) to realize that the Twin Cities is capable of having some good local bands. What got me to think differently at the local music scene was when I went to see The Cruxshadows with Ayria and I:Scintilla. Local band Bella Koshka opened up for the show that night. I was really impressed with what I had heard. When I joined Myspace, I started following local singer/songwriter Jenny Dalton and started going to her shows in town (I really need to go see her again one of these days). Eventually I started attending shows featuring local artists/bands on a regular basis (as well as big named concerts). Shortly after joining the Kilted Farmer Koncerts street team, I created this blog. Originally I created this blog as a vanity project but as time as gone on, my blog The Twin Cities Underground has become something much more than a vanity project. Since I am not a musician, dj, or promoter, my blog has become a voice for a grossly overlooked scene in the Twin Cities music scene. I am now a permanent fixture in Minneapolis's tiny yet tight electropunk (i.e goth scene). Kinda hard to miss the short Asian chick in the black leather jacket, jeans, doc martens, and one of her favorite band t-shirts ;).

I will ask this question again...what has those who continually hate on the local scene done for the Twin Cities music scene? If those people on City Pages hates the scene so much? Why aren't they doing something to change their attitudes by contributing to the  music scene? Unfortunately I suspect these people just get off on their own negativity. Judging from their comments I have read, it seems that spewing hate for a scene they aren't a part of is their equivalent to having sex or masturbating. All I can say is to put a sock in it, your shit is old. If you don't like the music scene but yet you aren't doing anything about it to change it, then STFU.

The Twin Cities may not have a perfect music scene but I do think it has a healthy, vibrant music scene. I have discovered some really great local acts in the last few years that has really made me proud to be a part of the music scene. I rather have what there is than not have a music scene at all.

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