Thursday, December 19, 2013

My favorite concerts of 2013

With 2014 just right around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to review a lot of my favorite concerts. You can find a lot of pics on my instagram account.

I:Scintilla with Goodnight Criminals, GoFight, and Gabriel and the Apocalypse

Once again my friend Renee got the Chicago rock band I:Scintilla to come up north to perform for her birthday. Fun show. The band brought along Goodnight Criminals and GoFight. Local band Gabriel and the Apocalypse opened the show. Always good to see I:Scintilla live. They are sound so much better live.

Leaether Strip

I have to admit what made this show a lot of fun was seeing my friend Tracey's band Promidal open up the show. It was a very visual show to say the very least. Still Leaether Strip did put on one heck of a live performance.

Combichrist Old School set with The Azoic and F.T.C
For some odd reason, I thought I had uploaded my Combichrist pics into Photobucket. Guess I didn't. Oh well. You should be able to view it from Facebook. I have set it to public setting. My highlight for that night wasn't necessarily Combichrist no thanks to the rowdiness of the crowd. Didn't have fun during their set, it was seeing The Azoic perform live for the first time in Minneapolis.

Cyndi Lauper at Mill City Nights
Absolutely freaking one of my favorite concerts of 2013. Cyndi was highly entertaining to watch.

Project Pitchfork with Ayria and As\Of

Second time I have seen Project Pitchfork with Ayria. Great show but I'll confess. I am more of an Ayria fan. Still seeing PP live again was great.

Hellions of Hollywood tour
goth_maven's Hellions of Hollywood Minneapolis show album on Photobucket

Fun, energetic show. Great seeing two bands that I have never seen before live that night. Loved watching the mosh pit from afar during Psyclon 9's set.

Garbage with Io Echo at Mill City Nights - Finally got to see Garbage after their seven year hiatus again. Truly one of my top favorite concerts of 2013. Really worth the money I shelled out for it.

The Bellwether Syndicate with The Foreign Resort and UZZA
goth_maven's TBS with The Foreign Resort and UZZA album on Photobucket

This was definitely one of my personal favorite shows of this year. I even got to interview The Foreign Resort.

Ego Likeness with Servitor, Gabriel and the Apocalypse, and Ficshe
goth_maven's Ego Likeness with Servitor album on Photobucket

The Ego Likeness show was by far my favorite show of this year because they are one of my favorite bands in the past few years.

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