Monday, August 4, 2014

5 albums you should check out

Tonight I thought I would change things up a bit with my weekly 5 artists you should check out with albums. I thought it would be a nice change of pace. I will try to do other variations. I have to admit I felt like I am running out of ideas (at the moment) as far as artists are concerned so it was time for a change.

01. Emyprean Asunder: Serpent
If you haven't heard of Empyrean Asunder, you should now. The Louisville, KY band is my current favorite new band right now. They recently released their new album Serpent which is available for free to download. It is excellent. I like how Olivia Asunder can switch from clean to harsh vocals with very little effort.

As someone who is trying to find music that sounds different from what is currently popular in the dark subculture scene I belong to, I find Orquidea quite refreshing. Their music certainly reminds me quite a bit of Ladytron with their electroclash sound.

The self-titled album by 3 Teeth is easily one of my top favorite industrial albums of 2014. This album has that old school industrial sound before it got hijacked by the synthesizers. The music sounds old school but it sounds so fresh especially when my ears are constantly bombarded by the same old beats. Not that I don't love bands like Hocico, Nitro/Noise, God Destruction, Decoded Feedback, Unter Null, Suicide Commando, etc...etc... but I miss industrial music when it sounded like what bands like 3 Teeth,Baal, and Youth Code are putting out.

04. Noblesse Oblige: Affair of the Heart - even after a year after its release, I am still enjoying the latest Noblesse Oblige album. More people seriously needs to check out this band.

05. Army On the Dance Floor: Many Faces of War

Next to Empyrean Asunder, Army On the Dance Floor is my favorite new band in 2014 that I am trying to push as much as I can via Twitter and on my blog because I think their music is something special.

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