Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grendel with Ludovico Technique and Endif at Amsterdam Bar and Hall on 08/18/14.

Last night I went to Amsterdam Bar and Hall in Saint Paul for the Grendel/Ludovico Technique show. Local act Endif opened up for the two bands with his own brand of electronica music which you can listen to on his Last FM page. I have only seen Endif one other time. His music is very good. Not what I typically listen because the music places less attention on hooks or arrangements and more emphasis on creating a wall of sounds with various beats, samples, and rhythms. Here is a good description of what Endif's music is all about:

Endif draws upon a broad spectrum of experiences and influences and distills them into original sonic compositions incorporating a syncrete of styles and techniques with a mind altering rhythmic bent and a fierce uncompromising aesthetic.

Emphasis is placed more upon energy, emotion, context and texture than on stale commercial formulas, towering arrangements or catchy pop hooks. The net result has dragged this one-time studio project out of the shadows and into the conciousness of hard-electronic enthusiasts across the planet.

Up next was Ludovico Technique. They were a lot of fun to watch and listen to last night. I apologize for a lot of shitty pictures in my PB slide show. Ben made it next to impossible for me to take photos through out his set by moving so much. I did though get an occasional good shot here and there and I was happy with what I was able to get. Ludovico Technique put in a highly energetic set from start to finish. Before the set started, I bought the band's album Some Things Are Beyond Therapy and a t-shirt. I try to make a point of showing my support for the bands by buying merchandise at concerts. Yes, I have so many concert t-shirts up the wazoo but I couldn't pass up on the $20 CD/Tshirt bundle deal.

Grendel finished the night with a highly energetic set. People were sweating up a storm from dancing so much. Trust me. I could smell the body odor over in front of the stage. LOL! Grendel put in a killer set. Overall I had a blast at last night's show.

goth_maven's Grendel with Ludovico Technique and Endif album on Photobucket

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