Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Favorite Songs of 2014 (updated)

Tonight I updated my Spotify playlist My Favorite Songs of 2014 (so far). At the end of the year I will post a longer playlist of all my favorite songs from this year. Here is what I have on my list at the moment:

01. "I'll Be Your Girl" by Kitten
02. "Lara's Song" by The Lonely Soul Experience
03. "The Forever Ritual" by The Luna Sequence
04. "Refuge" by Client
05. "On the Phone" by And Finally
06. "Shadow On the Wall" by Arch Enemy (Mike Oldfield cover featured as a bonus track on the limited edition version of War Eternal)
07. "Life is Short" by Mondtraume
08. "Feed Me Fame" by Surgyn
09. "Journey" by Ruined Conflict
10. "Pitbull Terrier" by Die Antwoord

For those who don't use spotify, I have included a few songs on my playlist.

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