Saturday, August 9, 2014

DarkSide MN Presents: Mixed Madness

Last night I went to Club Underground for the latest DarkSide MN show aptly titled "Mixed Madness". The show featured: Zwaremachine, as\of, Thinning the Veil, and of course Promidal. As always, DarkSide MN did not let me down with their latest show. I always try to make it to their shows every month. I think the shows they put on regardless who the act are performing that night are something special and worth attending here in the Twin Cities.

Every band last night put in an excellent set. This was my first time seeing Zwaremachine and I really dug what I had heard form this one man act. I definitely recommend checking him out whenever he has a show going on. Never disappointed in seeing my friends in As/Of. Always great to see them live. I really do think they have come a long way since I first saw them at the Loudness show 3-4 summers ago. Last night was also my first time seeing Thinning the Veil. Very cool band. In the past I haven't been able to get into death or black metal but since I have been really digging the sounds of Arch Enemy and various aggrotech bands that have been influenced by black metal, it did not take me very long to get into Thinning the Veil's music. Apparently though last night and their show on the 23rd of this month at Club Underground is the last times they will be performing that sort of music before they decided to move into another direction. I can respect that decision. I think bands should follow their hearts and not what their fans dictate.

Finally, the mighty Promidal. What can I really say about Promidal I haven't said before? They fucking rocked. Last night's show was really one of their better gigs I have seen and I have seen most of their live shows. Promidal truly puts on one of the best visual live shows I have ever seen, regardless if the band is local or national. Promidal is a force to reckon with in my book. Through out their show last night I definitely heard the black metal influences seeping through their music. If it wasn't for my earplugs, I think my ears would have melted that night from their set. I ended up getting sprayed with fake blood through the set which I consider as an honor. You truly haven't experienced a Promidal show unless you had fake blood sprayed on you or had raw meat thrown at you (which I also had done at me at their Leather Strip show last year which was funny as hell IMHO).

Not long ago I created a photobucket gallery for DSMN's shows. I have uploaded last night's pictures from the show and recorded footage of the last song they performed that night.

goth_maven's DarkSide MN album on Photobucket

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