Saturday, August 30, 2014

Golgotha Presents: Wasteland Rockers 08.29.14

Last night I went to Ground Zero nightclub for the Wasteland Rockers event put on by local fashion designer Golgotha. The event featured a fashion show and live music. The excellent The Rabbit M Project, Absynthe of Faith who had a shaky start with their set but in the end sounded really good, TheRockandRollWhores whom I never heard of until tonight and obviously it was their final gig too, and of course my personal fave Promidal.

goth_maven's Golgotha Presents Wasteland Rockers album on Photobucket

I kinda made the mistake of getting to GZ a little late so I only caught like two-three songs by The Rabbit M Project. From what little I heard, his music was terrific. I have only seen The Rabbit M Project once before at Club Underground and I liked what I had heard a lot. Absynthe Of Faith got off to a rocky start with their set but the technical issues was quickly fixed within a matter of moments and they ended their set on a positive note with me. I always enjoy seeing those guys perform on stage. Before TheRockAndRollWhores and Promidal was the fashion show featuring fashions from Golgotha and Fear The Wicked. After the fashion show was TheRockAndRollWhores, a local punk band. Never heard of them until the announcement of this event earlier this summer. They put on a highly energetic and entertaining show. Apparently last night was their final show as a band. Lastly was my favorite band of the entire show Promidal. Compared to their last Club Underground show, their set last night was tame but certainly as intense and entertaining as their previous shows. There really isn't a band in the local [dark, underground] music scene here in Minnesota that can match the intensity and entertainment value of Promidal. I never attended a Promidal show where I went "Gee this is boring". To anyone who hasn't seen the band live yet, go see them. You can find them on Facebook and also find out about their shows via DarkSide MN.

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