Monday, August 25, 2014

5 Songs You Should Check Out

For tonight's blog entry, I thought I switch things a bit and change it from 5 Albums You Should Check Out to 5 Songs You Should Check out. Enjoy!

01. Kitten: Apples and Cigarettes

This is one of my personal favorite songs off the self-titled debut album by Kitten. It is an acoustic track. A nice quiet way to end the album. I strongly recommend checking out the album. It is so good.

02. The Luna Sequence: Surfacing

Easily my personal favorite song by The Luna Sequence. It is a real treat to hear vocals on one of Kaia Young's songs.

03. Viscera Drip: My Final Prayer(Retribution RMX by Nano Infect)

This is my current favorite aggrotech song at the moment.

04. Army On the Dance Floor: Leia

My personal favorite song off Army On the Dance Floor's debut album Many Faces of War.

05. Bad Pollyanna: Invincible Girl

If you haven't heard the tribute song to Sophie Lancaster, you should listen to it now. It is a beautiful ballad. Proceeds for the song goes to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

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