Saturday, August 2, 2014

Album of the Week: Heartbreak Empire by And Finally

And Finally: Heartbreak Empire

For this week's Album of the Week, I decided to write about the debut album by And Finally, a new project by Jesus Alvarez (Re/Move) and Marta Esteban. I first heard about this project via A Different Drum Records. I am always looking for some new bands to check out. I had listened to the two clips featured on ADD's website. Initially I wasn't impressed but I decided to see if Spotify would have the entire album for me to listen to because two youtube clips just doesn't really do a good job at representing a band's sound if you ask me. Fortunately Spotify did have the album. As I suspected, listening to the entire album gave me a better representation of the band. I found myself enjoying Heartbreak Empire a lot more than I expected. I ended up buying a copy from A Different Drum Records. I have been enjoying the album since I received it in the mail nearly two weeks ago.

I will be honest I am not familiar with Re/Move's music but I did go on youtube to see if I could find a clip or two to compare with And Finally's sound. From what I have found I liked what I had heard. While Re/Move's sound is synth-driven, And Finally's music is a blend of synth and rock music. The results is ear candy for this music fanatic. According to the band's website, they have put out only 500 copies of the album and the money goes towards NGO Medicos sin Fronteras. I can wholeheartedly recommend buying this album not only because I think the music is excellent but proceeds goes towards charity. You really can't argue with that logic ;).

Track List:
01. Same Reality
02. Memorizer
03. She Drank My Life
04. I Don't Remember
05. Beautiful
06. The End of My Days
07. This Is For Real
08. I Miss You
09. Kill Him
10. On the Phone

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