Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Album of the Week: Kitten by Kitten

Kitten: Kitten

For this week's edition of Album Of The Week, there was no doubt that my choice would be the debut album by Kitten that I bought over the weekend. I have been listening to the album as often as I can on a daily basis. I am really glad I picked up the album when I did. The album cover had caught my eye while I was at the Electric Fetus. With my android phone, I quickly googled Kitten band to see what this band was about and if this is a band worth checking out on a whim. Long story short, I decided to get the album (along with some J-Pop which I kinda wish I didn't get and should have opted for the new Imogen Heap album instead) when I read online that Kitten's sound had a new wave influence. That quickly won me over.

I was totally hooked on Kitten's music the second I heard the first song "Like A Stranger". By the time I got to "I'll Be Your Girl" (one of my personal favorite tracks), I was completely in love with the album and the band's sound. I am really impressed with lead singer Chloe Chaidez's vocals. For someone as young as she is, Chloe definitely has demonstrated to me that age has nothing to do with talent. Personally I think she is better than a lot of her much older peers. From what I have read online about Kitten (like in this WSJ article), Chloe has been working as a singer since she was 15. Obviously all the work she has been doing for the past four years has paid off for the singer. I am very impressed.

As a fan of Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, and My Bloody Valentine, let alone shoegaze music, I can certainly hear their influence on Chloe in her music. There is also a bit of '80s r and b influence thrown into the mix like on "Sex Drive". I'll be honest that song has me on the fence. I don't think the song is bad however it sounds rather out of place on the album. "Devotion" has a bit of that '80s r and b but mixed in with new wave and the results is much better. At least to this listener.

I love how the album ends with a stripped down, acoustic number "Apples and Cigarettes". It is a stark contrast to the other songs on the other album which relies heavily on synthesizers and guitars. It is a quiet, subtle number. I for one am anticipating what the future holds for Chloe/Kitten. This album is so good, it would be a crime to not hear with all the music that is out there nowadays.

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