Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Some new musical finds: Surreal Eternity and Sagan

Tonight I decided to really start listening to the artists who starts following my Twitter account. As a blogger, I think it is my responsibility to check out the music of those who follow me on Twitter. If I like their music, I'll share it with the public on my blog and/or tweet it. Tonight I came across a couple of cool artists who had just followed me: Surreal Eternity and Sagan. Both are artists I had never heard of before until I checked out my Twitter account to see who had just followed me. Sagan is a New York artist whose music is a mix of dance and new wave music.

Surreal Eternity is a one man act whose music mixes dark electro with trance music.

I definitely can recommend to my readers to check out these two artists' music.

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