Monday, November 10, 2014

5 Albums Released in 2014 You Should Hear

01. Hanzel und Gretyl: Black Forest Metal

I just received my copy of the new Hanzel und Gretyl album Black Forest Metal since I plan on reviewing the album most likely this week I'll just say that it fucking rocks. I was really not into their 2012 album Born to Be Heiled but it did not stop me from being a fan of the band. If you like black/death metal, you definitely will like the new Hanzel und Gretyl's new album.

02. Epica: The Quantum Enigma

It's funny. I really didn't care for Epica's previous album Requiem For the Indifferent. I thought it was a bloody boring album but I was at the library a few weeks ago and found their new album in the CD racks so I decided to check it out. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the album.

03. Empyrean Asunder: Serpent

Serpent is certainly one of my favorite independent releases that I have heard in 2014, and the band themselves Empyrean Asunder is easily one of my favorite new finds of this year. As someone who has a weakness for female fronted bands especially in the dark electro scene, this band was right up my alley. I really love how their singer Olivia can switch from singing clean vocals to harsh vocals without much effort. I would love to see this little band from Louisville, KY to get more recognition in our scene.

04. Keluar: Keluar

I haven't heard much coldwave music in recent years but what little I have heard I really like. The self-titled album by Keluar (which arose from the ashes of my favorite coldwave band Linea Aspera) is the combination of their two EPS Ennoea and Vitreum. I think it is a well crafted album and for me an overlooked album in our music scene.

05. Phantogram: Voices

Voices is one of my personal favorite pop albums of 2014. I had the pleasure of seeing them live at First Avenue and they sound even better live. 

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