Saturday, November 22, 2014

Album of the Week: Shine and Burn by Avarice in Audio

After spending the last few months waiting with baited breath, one of my new favorite bands Avarice in Audio finally dropped their debut full length album Shine and Burn yesterday. I already have been listening to my copy since Monday when I got my pre-ordered copy in the mail. Since getting the album earlier this past week I have been listening to it constantly therefore I am making it my Album of the Week pick for my blog. Shine and Burn was one of the releases I have been eagerly anticipating to hear since this past summer. Was the music worth the long wait? I absolutely thought it was worth the wait. After hearing the excellent Frostbite EP, there was no doubt that I needed to hear the duo's full length album.

The song "Frostbite" itself is an outstanding track reminiscent of Delerium and Conjure One especially when remixed. A lot that credit goes to singer Jade Pegg whose voice is like ear candy to me through out the album. As a fan of bands like Blutengel and Ashbury Heights whose music adds a male/female dynamic which I find immensely appealing, I can add Avarice in Audio to that list. Gerry and Jade's vocals is what really made the album for me. Gerry's vocals is more on the harsh side while Jade's is more polished, ethereal, and often operatic. The results is pure bliss for me. On a whole the album has a lot of energy and very catchy.I certainly think there is always room for growth with the group's sound and I hope to hear it on future albums but overall Shine and Burn is a great way to begin one's career. I am glad Alfa Matrix Records signed this band. They are a nice addition to the roster of dark electro bands.

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